British Animation Personnel of the 20th Century



Aitken, Tom
(1879–19??) Cameraman, Director
Aldridge, Sidney
(c.1875-19??) Artist/Animator
Anderson, J S "Vet"
(1873?-1966) US Animator
Anson-Dyer, Ernest John
see Dyer, Anson
Aragon, Ray
(1926–2009) Layout Artist, Designer
Armstrong, Charles
(18??-19??) Silhouette Filmmaker
Arthy, Pete
(1926-2002) Animator, Layout Artist, Director
Attew, Kevin
(19??-) Animator
Audus, Hilary
(19??-) Animator
Austin, Phil
(1914–1979) Animator, Director
Ayres, Ralph
(1914–1979) Animator


Ball, Alan
(19??-) Animator, Director
Balser, Robert
(1927-2016) US Animator, Director
Banks, E
(1914–91) Assistant Animator, Head of Inbetweening
Batchelor, Joy
(1914–91) Designer, Animator, Director, Producer
Bateman, Henry Mayo
(1887-1970) Cartoonist
Booth, Walter R
(1869-1938) Animation and Trick Filmmaker
Borthwick, Brian
(1930?-) Animator
Borthwick, Dave
(1947-2012) Stop-motion Director
Branch, Sue
(1946-1998) Background Artist
Brisbane, Jenny
(19??-) Trace & Paint Supervisor
Brockett, Anna
(19??-) Animator, Director, Producer
Brown, Sue
(19??-) Trace & Paint Supervisor
Bubb, Malcolm
(19??-) Rostrum Camera, Optical FX
Butten, Arthur
(19??-) Background Artist, Animator
Buxton, Dudley
(c.1884-1951) Animator, Director


Canning, Kate
(1946-) Designer, Director
Carder, Harry
(19??-) Animator
Carey, Bernard
(19??-??) Background Artist
Castell, E G
(1900-77) Animation
Cattaneo, Tony
(1946-53) Designer, Animator, Director
Caunter, Chris
(19??-??) Animator, Layout Artist
Challis, John
(19??-) Animator, Layout Artist, Designer, Director
Coates, John
(1927–2012) Production Supervisor, Producer
Coblentz, Hester
(1921-96) Trace & Paint, Animator, Production Manager, Producer
Coles, Alma
(19??-??) Tracer
Collins, Geoff
(19??–) Animator, Director, Producer
Connelly, Dennis
(1891?-19??) Cartoonist/Illustrator, Animator, Director, Producer
Cooper, Arthur Melbourne
(1874–1961) Stop-frame Filmmaker
Cowan, Ian
(19??-) Clean-up, Animator, Layouts, Backgrounds
Cox, Rich
(19??-??) Animator
Cox, S
(19??-????) Animator
Cramer, Jon
(19??-??) Animator, Designer, Layout, Background Artist
Crick, Allan
(????-????) Writer, Director, Producer
Croke, Leo T
(1888-1964) Composer, Arranger, Conductor
Crook, Rosalie "Wally"
(19??-??) Animator
Cuthbert, Tony
(19??-2011) Animator, Director, Producer


Daniels, Jack
(19??-) Animator, Layout Artist
Davies, Mike
(1963-2013) Producer: Animator, Director
Davies, Roland
(1946-53) Designer, Director, Producer
de Mornay, Charles
(1902-69) Animation
De Vere, Alison
(1927-2001) Designer, Animator, Director
Drawbell, Marjorie
(1903-2000) Animation
Duffy, Jim
(1937-2012) Animator, Filmmaker
Dunning, George
(1920-79) Animator, Director, Producer
Dyer, Anson
(1876-1962) Animator, Director, Producer


Emes, Ian
(1949-) Animator, Filmmaker
Elbourne, Sheldon
(19??-) Rostrum Camera, Optical FX
Elvin, Anne
(19??-2014) Artworker, Animation Assistant, Supervisor
Elvin, David
(19??-) Backgrounds, Layout, Director
Elwis, Henry J
(????) Producer
Evans, Chris
(19??-) Animator, Director
Evans, D
(19??-) Paint & Trace, Inbetweener
Evans, Roy
(19??-) Animator, Director


Felstead, Bert
(1910?-73?) Director
Fearon, Percy [Poy]
(1874–1948) Cartoonist
Fenyves, Alice
(19??-19??) Assistant Animator
Foldes, Peter
(1924-1977) Filmmaker
Ford, W D
(1937-8) Animator
Foster, Alan
(19??-) Rostrum Camera
French, Pamela
(1921-2001) Animator
Friel, Dick
(1894?-??) US Animator
Fryer, Joanna
see Harrison, Joanna
Furniss, Harry
(1854-1925) Animator


Gandolphi, F
(1921-2013) Animator, Director
Gibbons, Ginger
(19??-) Animator, Director, Producer
Giles, Carl
(1916-1995) Animator, Director, Designer
Godfrey, Bob
(1921-2013) Animator, Director, Producer
Goldner, Jeff
(19??-) Animator, Director
Griffiths, Sidney
(1901–1967) Animator, Director, Camera
Grillo, Oscar
(1943–) Animator, Designer, Director, Producer
Gross, Anthony
(1905–1984) Animator, Director
Gurr, John
(19??-??) Rostrum Camera
Guy, Tony
(1929-2014) Animator, Director


Haines, Tony
(19??-) Rostrum Camera
Hanna, Nancy
(19??-) Designer, Animator, Director
Hardy, Ken
(19??-) Animator, Director
Hayes, Derek
(19??-) Animator, Director
Hayward, Stan
(1930-) Story
Heath Robinson, William
see Robinson, W Heath
Hicks, Victor
(1893-1946) Designer, Animator
Hopkins, Albert
(1905-1981) Producer
Hopper, Bill
(1913-83) Animator
Horn, Dick
(1929-2010) Animator, Director
Horn, Elizabeth
(19??-) Animator
Houston, Kathleen "Spud"
(19??-) Animator
Humberstone, Arthur
(19??-) Animator
Hunt, Dennis
(19??-) Animator


Ingham, Dave
(19??-) Trace & Paint, Production Supervisor, Writer


Jackson, Diane
(1941-92) Animator, Storyboard, Director
Jackson, George
(1921-86) Animator
Jackson, Graeme
(19??-) Animator, Director
Jackson, Roy
(19??-) Animator
Jankel. Annabel
(19??-) Animator, Director
Jeakins. Adrian
(19??-) Cameraman
Jenkins, Charlie
(19??-) Animator, Director
Jones, Stuart Wynn
(19??-) Animator, Director


Kavanagh, Nick
(19??-) Animator, Director
Keen, Lesley
(19??-) Filmmaker
Kinsella, E P
(1875-1936) Animator, Director, Producer
Kirley, Len
(??-??) Animator, Director
Knight, Guy
(19??-) Rostrum Camera
Koch, Carl
(1892–1963) Animator


Le Cain, Errol
(1941-89) Animator, Designer, Director
Lett, Ian
(19??-) Rostrum Camera
Linnecar, Vera
(19??-) Animator, Director, Producer
Livesey, Malcolm
(19??-) Rostrum Camera
LLoyd-Jones, Elphin
(19??-) Designer, Storyboard, Director, Producer
Lodge, Mike
(19??-) Animator, Director
Lodge, Reg
(19??-) Animator, Director
Lye, Len
(1901-1980) Filmmaker


Mack, Harold F
(1918-75) Animator, Director, Producer
Mainwood, Roger
(1953-2018) Animator, Director
Manton, Maria
(1965-2020) Animator, Director, Producer
Martin, Geoffrey
(19??-) Layout Artist, Designer, Director
Matheson, Alastair Ian
(1899-1968) Animator
McCready, Harold
(1905-89) Animation
McFall, Beth
(19??-) Animator, Designer, Director
McFall, David
(19??) Trace & Paint, Clean-up, Layout, Animator
Melbourne-Cooper, Arthur
see Cooper, Arthur Melbourne
Mikkelson, D
(1949-) Animator
Millett, Chris
(1905-89) Assistant Animator, Storyboard, Scriptwriter
Mills, Ernest H
(1874-1942) Animator
Modiano, Ramon
(1949-) Animator, Designer, Director
Moo-Young, Ian
(19??) Animator, Director, Producer
Moran, Kevin
(1889?-1959?) Animation
Moreno, George
(1915-??) Animator, Producer
Mornay, Charles de
see under D
Moysey, Frank
(19??-) Animator
Murakami, "Jimmy" Teruaki
(1933–2014) Animator, Director, Producer
Murphy, Kathleen "Spud"
(19??-??) Animator
Myller, Jorgen
(1910-95) Animator


Nettlefold, Archibald
(1870-1944) Producer
Neubauer, Vera
(1948-) Filmmaker
Neville, Rex
(19??-) Rostrum Camera, Optical FX
Nikola, Louis
(1878-1936) Deviser
Noble, George
(18??-19??) Rostrum Camera
Noble, Joe
(1894-1984) Animator, Director, Producer
Norman, José
(1906-90) Arranger, Composer
Nunn, Janet
(19??-) Animator
Nye, Richard
(1950-) Animation & SFX Director, Background and Storyboard Artist


O'Dell, Annie
(19??-) Assistant Animator, Animator
O'Hanlon, Brian
(19??-) Animator, Director
Ollive, Richard
(19??-) Animator, Director, Producer
Orrin, Graham
(19??-) Rostrum Camera
Orton, Les
(19??-) Animator, Director
Orwin, Brenda
(19??-) Composer, Singer


Pearsall, Stan
(19??-??) Animator
Phillips, Derek
(19??-) Director, Producer
Pithers, Charlie
(1929-) Rostrum Camera, Producer
Pocock, Mike
(1937-8) Animator, Layouts
Potterton, Gerry
(1931-) Animator
see Fearon, Percy
Price, Laurie
(1902-1982) Animator, Director
Privett, Bob
(19??-84) Animator, Director


Quay, Stephen and Timothy
(1947-) Filmmakers
Queenman, Bernard
(19??-) Director, Producer
Quinn, Joanna
(1962-) Animator, Director
Quinn, John
(19??-) Animator


Radage, Edric
(1923-) Animator, Director
Ralph, Graham
(19??-) Animator, Storyboard, Director
Ranky, George
(19??-) Arranger, Composer
Reed, Henry
(19??-84) Arranger, Composer
Reed, John
(1908–1992) Animation Director
Reiniger, Lotte
(1899–1981) Animator, Director
Reyn, Jenny
(1913–1996) Animator
Rich, Denis
(1930–2007) Animator, Storyboard, Director
Rickler, Hylda
(1928–??) Animator
Ritchie, Alick
(18??-19??) Cartoonist
Roberts, Bev
(19??-) Rostrum Camera
Robinson, W Heath
(1872-1944) Cartoonist
Rockley, Ted
(1952–) Animator, Director
Rodker, Francis
(1910–1984) Diagram Animator


Sewell, Bill
(19??-77) Animator, Director, Producer
Shaw, Archie J
(1904-71) Animator
Shepherd, J A
(1866-1946) Illustrator
Smith, Frank Percy
(1880-1945) Animator
Spargo, Nicholas
(1921?-97) Animator, Director, Producer
Speed, Lancelot
(1860–1931) Animator, Director, Producer
Speirs, Jock
(1860–1931) Diagram & Effects Animator
Spiro, Hylda
see Rickler, Hylda
Stevens, Beryl
(19??-) Animator, Director, Producer
Stevens, Brian
(1933-2016) Designer, Animator, Producer
Stobbart, Charles
(??-??) Rostrum Camera
Stokes, Jack
(1920-2013) Animator, Director, Producer
Stone, Paul
(19??-) Animator, Director
Strausfeld, Peter
(1910-80) Animator, Director
Stringer, G Henry
(19??-??) Animator, Director
Stuart, Mike
(19??-2013) Animator, Storyboard, Director
Studdy, George E
(1878-1948) Cartoonist, Designer, Story
Szmichowska, Marie
(19??-) Animator


Taylor, Richard
(1929?-2013) Animator, Director, Producer
Tempest, Douglas
(1887-1954) cartoonist
Tempest, Dudley
see Tempest, Douglas
Thompson, Fred
(1918-??) Animator, Director, Producer
Tobin, Pat
(1891?-1937) Cameraman
Traylor, William
(19??-??) Rostrum Camera
Tupy, Peter
(1946-2005) Animator, Rostrum Camera, Filmmaker, Producer.
Turk, Roy
(19??-) Rostrum Camera
Turpin, Digby
(19??-) Designer, Animator, Director


Unwin, Dave
(19??-) Animator, Storyboard, Director


Vausseur, Jacques
(1919-) Animator, Director
Venables, Bernard
(1907-2001) Cartoonist, Animator
Vester, Paul
(1941-) Animator, Director, Producer
Vigar, Percy
(1903-83) Animation
Villeneuve, Richard
(19??-) Animator
Vince, Phyllis
(19??-) Trace & Paint
Vincent, Sarah
(19??-) Assistant Animator, Animator


Wain, Louis
(1860-1939) Artist
Ward, William A
(1889-??) Animator, Director, Producer
Watford, Roy
(19??-) Rostrum Camera
Whitaker, Harold
(1920-2013) Animator
Whitby, Cynthia
(1913-96) Animator, Director
White, Brian
(1902-1984) Animator, Director
White, Lance
see Wright, Laurence
White, Tony
(19??-) Animator, Director
Whitehouse, Tony
(19??-??) Animator, Director
Wiggins, Helen
(1901-1978) Editor, Producer
Williams, John
(19??-) Rostrum Camera
Williams, Richard
(1933-) Designer, Animator, Director, Producer
Wilson, John
(1919-2013) Animator, Designer, Director, Producer
Wodynski, Richard
(19??-??) Rostrum Camera
Wolff, Richard
(19??-) Rostrum Camera
Woodward, Ken
(1928-2008) Designer, Director
Wright, Gail
(19??–) Trace & Paint, Assistant Animator, Animator
Wright, Laurence
(??-??) Animator, Director, Producer
Wright, Matvyn
(1910-1983) Background Artist
Wright, Percy
(19??-??) Rostrum Camera
Wright, Ralph
(1908–1983) Story Supervisor
Wyatt, Ron
(1933-2010) Storyboard, Director, Producer
Wylam, Eric
(1919-1997) Animator, Director


Xypnitos, Nick
(19??-) Animator


York, M
(??-??) Animation
Young, Sue
(19??-) Animator, Director


Zambra, Mollie
(19??-) Animator?
Zeisel, Marianne
(19??-??) Assistant?
Zeitlin, Frank
(18??-19??) Producer

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