Kevin Moran


Kevin Moran is credited as one of the animation team on the Bonzo cartoon series produced by New Era Films during 1924-5.

As yet unconfirmed, this may be Kevin Francis Moran born in Lambeth, London, on 26 May 1889 to the journalist James Aloysius Moran and his wife Kate.

Kevin started work as a clerk in an insurance office, but at some point turned his interest in drawing into a career. In 1922 he married Ivy Elizabeth Poole.

If he is the Kevin Moran who worked on the Bonzo films this may have led to further involvement with the film world, as in 1939 he gives his occupation as the Manager (Artist) of a Film Art Department. He may have died on 5 February 1959 at Iver, Buckinghamshire, aged 69.


Bonzo (series of 26 films)(New Era Films, 1924-5) Member of animation team

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