D Evans


"Miss D Evans" was employed by British Animated Productions as a trainee Painter & Tracer circa June 1946, during the company's initial recruitment drive. She subsequently transferred to the Inbetweening Department.

She was among the staff laid-off in June 1948 when British Animated Productions, unable to achieve a satisfactory distribution agreement, temporarily ceased production. When production recommenced in September she was offered her job back, but she wrote back to say she had found satisfactory alterative employment, but would be grateful if they sent her the two weeks holiday pay she was owed. [This was a bone of contention for many of the staff - it would appear this payment was disputed by the Management.]


Big City(British Animated Prductions, 1947) Paint & Trace
Fun Fair(British Animated Prductions, 1947) Inbetweener
The Old Manor House(British Animated Prductions, 1948) Inbetweener

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