Harry Carder


Harry Carder was employed by British Animated Productions as a trainee Inbetweener circa June 1946, during the company's initial recruitment drive. By the end of the year he was promoted to Assistant Animator.

He was among the staff laid-off in June 1948 when British Animated Productions, unable to acheive a satisfactory distribution agreement, temporarily ceased production. Returning when production recommenced in September, Harry continued to work for George Moreno after British Animated Productions was wound-up in 1953, remaining with Moreno Cartoons until its closure in August 1973.


Big City(British Animated Prductions, 1947) Inbetweener
Fun Fair(British Animated Prductions, 1947) Assistant Animator
The Old Manor House(British Animated Prductions, 1948) Assistant Animator
Home Sweet Home(British Animated Prductions, 1948) Assistant Animator
Loch Ness Legend(British Animated Prductions, 1948) Assistant Animator
numerous advertising films(Moreno Cartoons, 1955-72) Animator

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