Adrian Jeakins


Adrian Edward Jeakins was born in Simla, India, in 1907. He arrived in England in 1928

He worked primarily as a live-action cameraman on documentary shorts, largely for the Realist Film Unit. Between 1934-35 he was the rostrum cameraman for Dennis Connolly Ltd, as recalled by Joy Batchelor.

In 1942 he was cameraman on Len Lye's acclaimed live-action WWII propaganda fim Kill or be Killed.

He married Elizabeth M Whitehead in 1943.

In 1979 he turned rostrum cameraman again for Stewart-Hardy Films' The Adventures of Captain Mark and Krystal Klear, a promotional film for carbonless paper.

Adrian Deakins died on 14 October 1981.

Filmography (animation only)

Dick Whittington(Denis Connelly Ltd; unreleased, 1934) Cameraman
Robin Hood(Denis Connelly Ltd 1934) Cameraman
The Adventures of Captain Mark
and Krystal Klear
(Stewart-Hardy Films 1971) Cameraman

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