Alice Fenyves


Any information on Alice would be very welcome. She was assistant animator to Cynthia Whitby at Basic Films 1945-6 before joining British Animated Productions as an inbetweener. She was still there when the studio closed for the summer holidays in 1947, but Denis Gifford lists her as animating on the How What and Why series, so it would seem she had returned to Basic Films - perhaps because of the precarious finances of British Animated Productions. I can find no further mention of her after this.

Is she the Alice M Fenyves who lodged with Leon Ladislaw Fenyves and his wife Ilona in Putney between 1952-55?


Twenty-four Square Miles(Basic Films, 1946) Assistant Animator (inserts)
Big City(British Animated Prductions, 1947) Inbetweener
Fun Fair(British Animated Prductions, 1948) Inbetweener
How What and Why (series)(Basic Films, 1948) Assistant Animator (sequences)

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